7326 Sprinkler irrigation in CA Central Valley

Water sprinklers irrigate seedlings in California’s Central Valley. Photo on July 11, 2015, by Sylvia Wright


Dec. 3, 2015 • A package of four op-eds I did has been published online.

The op-eds describe the urgent steps California policy makers should take now to reduce environmental impacts of the state’s four-year drought (even though, yes, it is raining).

Jamie Knapp of J Knapp Communications in Davis hired me to produce the op-eds for Dr. Kit Batten, director of the Policy Institute of Energy, Environment and the Economy at the  University of California, Davis. I developed an outline, drafted the stories and revised them in partnership with Dr. Batten and several other UC Davis faculty experts.

It was a great collaboration. I enjoyed reconnecting with many of the faculty members whom I publicized when I was first a public information officer for the UC Davis News Service, and later the communications director for the university’s Policy, Transportation and Energy Efficiency research programs.

The first op-ed, “Drought: El Niño is not the cavalry,” is here. As I said above, I created the conceptual framework for all the op-eds and did much of the writing, but Dr. Batten and Dr. Mark Lubell really made this introduction their own. Credit for the published work, which is excellent, is all theirs.

The second, third and fourth op-eds are much more my product, in collaboration with the faculty experts. Those stories are here:

Groundwater: The crucial challenge

Drought emergency: The need for a biodiversity policy

Forest health includes fighting fire with fire

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