SB City_Generators with SB 50 lit up behind on skyline

Diesel generators (the big brown boxes in front) running on cleaner fuel are powering Super Bowl City in San Francisco.   —   Photo on Feb. 1, 2016, by Sylvia Wright


Feb. 2, 2016  —  I enjoyed returning to my alt-fuel roots this week, when I wrote about a Finnish firm’s role in the American football Super Bowl championship.

The fuels producer Neste wanted to publicize the use of its renewable diesel fuel in the giant power generators at Super Bowl City in San Francisco and in 100 shuttle buses carrying 5,000 fans to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara for the big game.

When I did some preliminary research, I discovered that the Neste fuel is now powering city fleets (fire trucks, street sweepers and so on) in several major California cities, including San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek (a municipality in the huge San Francisco Bay Area metroplex).

It’s also available to the public in a few dozen gas stations around the state. And the state Department of General Services just started using it in their fleet.

Thus, Neste has got real street cred in California green-fuel circles, and I felt comfortable telling their Super Bowl stories. I contracted with Neste’s PR firm, Miltton, to write a web story and photograph a Neste executive with the CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

My story is here: https://www.neste.com/en/super-bowl-50-will-be-gold-and-green-neste%E2%80%99s-renewable-diesel-key-player

SB City_blue arch

Some of the energy lighting up Super Bowl City is coming from generators powered by Neste renewable diesel. — Photo on Feb. 1, 2016, by Sylvia Wright


Neste may do some tweets in the next few days, using quotes I gathered last night from visitors enjoying Super Bowl City’s Opening Night.


Feb. 7 update: Neste used my story in full-page ads in business media. Here’s a rough Google translation:

Finnish playmaker

American football players needed to see several moves ahead. Are those who look to other direction. sikis Super Bowl 50 Host committee invited us according to pelavaan assembly.

For the year 2016 super bowl city draws its energy from the fluid 100% renewable diesel, and the group also run express -fanikuljetukset fan. Nain we will create more than a million fan for cleaner air and greater transaction significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Read More cooperation neste.com/sb50

Neste_SuperBowl Ad sm

Neste ad in business newspaper


Neste_SuperBowl Ad



Unrelated to the Super Bowl, Oslo Airport Gardermoen recently became the world’s first airport to offer renewable aviation fuel refined by Neste for refueling airplanes. Neste fuel will lift Lufthansa, SAS and KLM jets.

About the renewable diesel: Neste says it reduces carbon emissions by 40 percent to 80 percent compared to conventional diesel fuel, and also reduces particulate emissions and nitrous oxides.

About the aviation gas: Neste says switching from conventional diesel fuel to its renewable avgas cuts greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half.



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