Welcome! I’m Sylvia Wright, a writer, photographer and videographer based in the Sierra Foothills of California. I travel throughout the American West, collecting stories along the way.

In previous careers, I was:

  • Senior communications director for University of California, Davis (UC Davis) transportation and energy efficiency and public policy research programs;
  • Senior PIO for UC Davis, publicizing the university’s environmental science and policy research achievements;
  • Science/Medicine/Technology/Health&Fitness editor for the San Jose Mercury News.

Today, I specialize in telling stories about science and nature and the people who love them.

3790 Robert Meese prepares to release banded Tricolored Blackbird male_2014_06_16

UC Davis avian ecologist Robert Meese prepares to release a banded Tricolored Blackbird male. Photographed at Conaway Ranch, Yolo County, California. June 16 2014. Photo by Sylvia Wright.

I created this page as a landing site for visitors interested in seeing my projects or contacting me.

My e-mail address is sciencewrighter@gmail.com .

My LinkedIn profile is here.

Happy trails!

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